Confederazione Italiana Agricoltori Umbria

The CIA is divided into trade associations, institutes and companies that operate for food safety and environmental protection, in the field of social security, health, fiscal and tax assistance, technical consultancy, training, insurance , agritourism, organic farming, and for the protection of the elderly, women and young people.

The CIA operates in Umbria region with 18 territorial offices and 5 branch offices. The technical and management assistance activities are carried out using its own specialized structures for interventions in the various fields:

  • the A.G.I.A., Young Agricultural Entrepreneurs Association, aimed above all at enhancing young entrepreneurs as well as facilitating the inclusion of young people in agriculture;
  • Turismo Verde deals with rural tourism and agritourism;
  • the CAF Cia carries out its activities through a regional office and 23 territorial offices;
  • CIPA-AT, Center for Agricultural Professional Education and Technical Assistance, is the section of CIA institute specializing in training, business consulting and dissemination of innovation in agriculture;
  • the Women in the Field Association values ​​women’s commitment to qualify and innovate agriculture;
  • Cia Umbria Servizi All’Impresa srl ​​is a consulting company for the creation of innovative management systems in the agricultural and agricultural-food sectors.


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