Università degli Studi di Urbino Carlo Bo

The University Carlo Bo of Urbino is an Italian academic institution, with over 500 years of history, which presents a wide range of degree courses, higher education courses, postgraduate and doctoral programs, as well as an articulated research activity in multiple disciplinary fields.

The Department of Economics, Society, Politics (DESP) organizes, manages and coordinates educational activities through the School of Economics and the School of Political and Social Sciences. Furthermore, the DESP promotes and coordinates studies and research on economic-quantitative, social, historical-philosophical, political, institutional and business issues, through a multi and interdisciplinary analysis perspective that allows, in compliance with the variety of methods specific to each area to enhance and integrate the theoretical and applicative contributions of the various disciplines.

The Department is part of regional and national partnerships, which include public institutions, business networks, cooperatives, associations and NGOs, including those active in the agri-food system and at the level of reception and socio-working integration of migrants.

The group directly involved in the project has experience in both research and action research and training, with particular attention to the issues of social inclusion and social innovation and sustainability (social, environmental and economic) of the agri-food chains.

In recent years, the staff has been involved in a number of projects funded by the European Union, the Ministry of Labor and national and local institutions.


Department of Economics, Society, Politics

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