The Confederation of Agricultural Producers-Copagri is a professional agricultural organization with a general vocation, present throughout the country, with a national headquarters, 20 regional offices, 77 provincial offices, 261 municipal offices and which has over 650,000 members.

In 1991, It started as a coordination of professional organizations. In 1995, it was transformed into the Confederation of agricultural producers. In the same year, it was recognized by the National Council of Economy and Labor (CNEL) as the most representative organization of direct farmers. The Ministry of Labour recognized it as a representative of national importance and, therefore, authorized it to keep the business register on behalf of associated producers.

Copagri has economic, associative and service structures engaged in the various sectors. Alongside these, the Confederation has activated specific tools in the areas of technical assistance, agricultural dissemination, training, tax, social security and administrative and accounting services. The primary objective is to protect the economic, professional and social interests of all farms, self-employed workers and single and associated agricultural producers who are members of Copagri.

Its action is inspired by the history, values ​​and principles of democratic syndicalism. The values ​​of the economy cannot and should not override the fundamental value of the human person.


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