The Institute for Social Research (IRS) is a totally independent non-profit organization, we have been offering research, evaluation and monitoring, training, planning, consultancy, support and technical assistance services for forty-five years; we recognize ourselves in the goal of improving the quality of public policies and interventions, with attention to the dissemination of knowledge and the transfer of learning from the most successful experiences.

Within the IRS, the Social and Health Policies and Services area intervenes through research, consultancy, training and evaluation actions aimed at public institutions and private entities.

The area carries out research activities:

on social realities and their evolution, on components and specific aspects of them, such as areas of need and health (poverty, non self-sufficiency, migrants, addictions) and population groups (children, adolescents, elderly), with their specific criticalities and needs, also building social observatories and information systems;
on welfare policies: objectives, contents, functions and roles of governance, interventions and tools, implementation and development, monitoring and evaluation. The policies most dealt with, even comparatively, for national, regional and local planning and management levels, are those relating to minors, the elderly, the fight against poverty and marginalization, the non self-sufficient, the disabled, and migrants;
on the organization and development of social, health and integrated services; on non-profit and voluntary organizations; on the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of organizations and their performance; on the humanization of health services.


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