Il Melograno

Società cooperativa sociale onlus

The philosophy behind our services is to give an organized and integrated response to people’s needs and rights.

We develop targeted and flexible intervention projects, that are co-constructed and continuously remodeled by integrated work teams.

We are active in several sectors, dealing with: minors and families, people with disabilities, the elderly, social inclusion paths.

With social inclusion services we promote the overcoming of barriers – cultural, informative, physical, organizational, bureaucratic – between the needs of citizens and the several services present in the territories.

The range of services is wide and concern disadvantaged people, as well as foreign citizens: we work in a network with professional social services, with job placement services, with the main educational agencies and with third sector subjects to build integrated and genuinely inclusive projects.

We adhere to the Charter of Good Reception (ACI Welfare) and believe in a widespread reception system for migrants, achieved both through the Protection System for International Protection Holders and for Unaccompanied Foreign Minors (SIPROIMI), and in first reception services (CAS).

We manage desk services, proposing – where possible and in collaboration with Public Bodies and with a series of B-type social cooperatives – traineeship and job placement paths. Finally, to facilitate integration, we develop qualified linguistic-cultural facilitation and mediation services, operating alongside the services and within the main educational agencies.


Via Giovanni Pascoli, 17 – Novegro (MI)

Orari di apertura

Lun-Ven 08:00-13:00 e 14:00-18:00
Sab 08:00-11:00

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02 706 30724