Confagricoltura Milano Lodi Monza Brianza

The Confagricoltura of Milan Lodi and Monza Brianza is a representation and protection association, which organizes similar and converging interests of agricultural businesses that relate to the political and economic system.

It helps to establish the General Confederation of Italian Agriculture – Confagricoltura – and the Regional Federation – Confagricoltura Lombardia.

Confagricoltura recognizes the agricultural entrepreneur as the protagonist of production and pursues the economic, technological and social development of agriculture and agricultural enterprises.

Confagricoltura is therefore an important political, economic and social player, an interface between the institutions and the system of agricultural enterprises.

Confagricoltura is present throughout the national, regional and provincial territory. It is also present in Brussels with its own representative office.

The MI-LO-MB Confagricoltura is organized through the Trade Unions and the Product Sections.


Viale Enrico Forlanini, 23 20136 Milano

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