Società cooperativa sociale onlus

Lybra was born in 2003 from the assumption that social is above all professionalism, commitment and organized work. Lybra’s bet is based on two critical factors, which have always been considered resources: the growing need for economic and social support and the professional skills of the staff.

The services offered are of three types: socio-educational, socio-health and inclusion. The socio-educational services are aimed at adults and minors: the first category includes the daytime educational center for people with intellectual disabilities and accompanying educational services for adults with disabilities or mental health problems; in the second category we deal with projects to contrast institutionalization, extracurricular and extracurricular educational supervision also aimed at pupils with Dsa, projects to support autonomy for those over 18, protected encounters between minors entrusted to socio-assistance services and families of origin and educational supervision of childcare services.

The social and health services take the form of the management of the collection centers and the pap test service in the Trieste area and, in collaboration with TPS, of the nursing clinic in the Trieste Prison. The services of the inclusion area are grouped into the following macro-areas: services for housing and social housing; job integration services; social inclusion services, hospitality; immigration services; development cooperation.
Our services and projects are aimed at supporting and integrating disadvantaged people or people from particular disadvantaged groups into the social fabric, also in favor of foreign citizens receiving hospitality in Trieste.


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