Federazione Agricola Alimentare Ambientale Inustriale Italiana Friuli Venezia Giulia

The Italian Agricultural Food and Environmental Industrial Federation organizes and represents the employees employed in the agri-food, agro-industrial, environment, artisan processing companies, related activities and fishing.


Calculation of the insurance / retirement position

verification of the insurance position; crediting of contributions in the case of illness, maternity and accident; recovery of social security contributions not paid by the employer; calculation of the achievement of the requirements for access to the retirement and projection of benefits; choice of type of board to reach

Supplementary retirement

guide to the complementary fund best suited to different needs; preparation of the application for registration in the fund

Health funds

support in requests to various health funds, for reimbursement of health expenses; help to apply for economic integration in the case of illness, accident and maternity

Social safety nets and income support for the family

support in the requests for unemployment treatment NASPI – Agricultural Unemployment; it is possible for the family to be entitled to family allowances and leave

Union assistance

help in solving work problems by making available all the experience and expertise in the contractual field; free legal assistance for members; control of the paycheck: verification of the effective application of the latest contractual increases and / or all contractual changes.


Via T. Ciconi 16 – 33100 Udine

Opening hours PINA-Q DESK

Due to the Covid pandemic we receive ONLY by appointment: call 335 778 1247 or write to fai.fvg@cisl.it

Via T. Ciconi 16:
Monday and Friday 10.30-13.00; Wednesday 10.30-13.00, 17.00-18.30
Codroipo Via Monte Nero, 12:
1st and 3rd Thursday 17.00-18.30

PORDENONE OFFICE Via S.Valentino 30:
Monday 09.00-13.00; 16.00-19.00

Piazza delle Cooperative 20:
Friday 16.00-19.00

Via Duca d’Aosta:
Monday and Thursday 16.00-19.00

Via Manzoni, 5:
Thu 15.00-18.00

Via Udine 17: Wednesday 16.00-18.00

Trieste Piazza Dalmazia 1:
Monday 16.00-18.00

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Telephone number

Tel 0432 246471 – Fax 0432 246470
CEL. 335 7781247